Thursday, 20 July 2017

Twin Brook Capital Partners has raised $1.6 billion

Well, well ... / Not bad, eh? 'What for, boss?' For their second fund, Voice. 'Oh. Nice.' They're calling it AG Direct Lending Fund II. 'Nice.' But guess what. 'What?' Well, this is the amazing bit. Twin Brook only wanted ... [drum roll] ... $600 million! 'You're kidding?!' No. How many times have I written posts about firms that wanted, say ... $800 million, and then raised $900 million? 'Countless times. And we've always berated them for their lack of ambition.' Exactly. And now this happens. 'Wow! / Are you, uh ... going to take your hat off to the Twin Brook boys, and girls, if they have any girls?' Well, I don't actually have a hat, Voice, as you well know. 'Okay. That might be a problem.' But, but ... metaphorically I will, yes. 'Brilliant!' If metaphorically is the right word. I'm pretty sure it is.

Dear reader(s), about Twin Brook, from their website ...

Twin Brook Capital Partners is a finance company focused on providing cash-flow based financing solutions for the middle market private equity community. The firm was founded and is managed by a group of highly experienced, dedicated professionals who have been successful working in the middle market. Much of the team has worked together throughout their careers at leading middle market lending institutions. The management team has successfully closed over 1,100 transactions with 200+ different middle market private equity firms.

You see? Dedicated professionals. So ... that's all right, eh? 'It's a unit of alternative investment manager Angelo, Gordon & Co, ain't it, boss?' It certainly is, my little invisible friend. / Okay. Uh.


Okay. Right. It's the end of the week. Anything else? 'Music.' Ha! I won't say it again, man. This is a fucking finance blog!!! 'Please, Mikey. I love it when you tell us about your progress, such as it is.' Oh, all right. Just this once, you understand. [I'm too soft-hearted, that's my problem.] Well, it's business as usual. I write a tune. I scrap it the next day. I write a tune. I scrap it the next day. I write a tune. I scrap it the next day. And a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND ... I go! What else is there to say, son? 'Say something positive, man!' All right, all right. Okay, okay. Er, I reckon five of my seven songs are good enough for a greatest hits collection. 'Yippee!' I mean, that's what you need if you want to be a major act [Beatles, Oasis]. Five or six such songs on each album you release. It separates you from the artists who may only get three great songs in their whole career. / Today, after lunch, I might work on the lyric for another top song. [I've got the tune already.] 'You might?' It all depends on how I'm feeling after lunch. 'Okay. What are you having?' The usual. Cheese or egg sandwich. Crisps. Yoghurt. And a glass of water. 'Nice.' Yes. Yes, it will be nice.

Well, later(s), alligator(s) - !!!