Tuesday, 12 February 2008

BlackBerry email crashes in America

The BlackBerry mobile email service in America had a critical severity outage yesterday - according to the company. Basically, top executives and financiers were unable to use their BlackBerries and were left up shit creek without a paddle. Well, you should never rely on only one technology.

I have been speaking to my friend Benny Monroe who works on Wall Street, and he told me, 'It was very funny actually. All my colleagues were banging their heads against the wall in utter frustration, but I just switched to telepathy. An old shaman's trick. I was able to do business all day long while everyone else was standing around in awe of my amazing ability.'

But one of his colleagues later told me, 'Benny is too impressed with himself. When my BlackBerry went the way of all flesh, I used the email on my computer. Telepathy? It's a joke. Benny was carrying on like a drama queen.'