Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Les Echos editor resigns

Erik Israelewicz, the editor of France's top business newspaper Les Echos, has resigned and gone to rival La Tribune. He said the owners of Les Echos were interfering with him. Shocking. However, the chairman of the Les Echos group, Nicolas Beytout, claimed that Mr Israelewicz was setting fire to the newspaper. This is shocking as well.

My friend Benny Monroe once set fire to an investment bank's headquarters using only his mind. He had a grudge against the company. Is this what is happening over in France? I have no idea if Erik is a shaman or not, but if he is one, setting fire to his old newspaper will be a piece of piss. All he has to do is meditate on the offices of Les Echos, and then send a cosmic fire spark from his mind to the newspaper. I hope he can control himself though. I don't want to see financial shamans getting a reputation for this sort of thing. We have enough problems with Jack Pickles.