Monday, 4 February 2008

Tony Burke goes to Ansbacher

Tony Burke has moved from Citigroup to the private bank Ansbacher to be its head of product development. Brilliant news. I'm sure he'll do a good job.

However, I have been speaking to Maurice Marble III about Mr Burke's new position, and he is not at all happy. He told me, 'That should have been my job. They offered it to me first, but it didn't work out. I was there for one day. Ansbacher didn't approve of the products I was developing. Bastards. They didn't want my money machine. Are these people sick? Tell me, are they sick? I have invented a machine that materializes money, you know, cash. And not counterfeit moolah either. The real stuff! But they didn't want it. Oh no, not them. Ansbacher wanted to know where the money was materializing from. I told them straight. I said it's nothing to do with them where the fucking money is coming from. Jesus! Money is money. Just be grateful that money is coming in. Or do you want to end up on the street begging strangers for change with snot all over your raincoat? That's what I actually asked them. And then they said I was immoral. Me! The balls of these people. Everyone knows what a racket the banking system is. I was just trying to turn it into a bigger and better one, that's all. But I'm immoral now! Unemployable as well, no doubt. What a fucking world this is! Can you believe it? Can you believe the shit I have to put up with?'