Wednesday 20 January 2010

The internet is like drugs

Since I lost my connection, I ain't felt the same. I fell asleep on my bed, woke up shaking, literally shaking! Was it the cold? Oh, you won't believe! I had not been on the net for over six hours! The day before, only one hour of surfing! Let's kill surf city before it kills us. No! Things are getting worse. I need a fix! So I've taken my laptop to the repair shop. Now I'm waiting for the man, £35 in my hand. I feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive! I'm waiting for my man!

Never ever felt this bad. This shit, this net, it's my life! It's like the astral plane and the net are all I got. I surf on both. They mingle in my head, like a fucking speedball! Feel the astral sand! Touch the astral sky! Sniff the keyboard! Sniff the screen! Do you know what I mean?

Hey, man, can you get me connected? I'll do anything for you. You name it. But can you get me connected? Don't wanna go internet cafe no more. You hear me? Don't wanna go no internet cafe no more. They're strange in there! So just get me online. Get me online! GET ME ONLINE!