Monday, 25 January 2010

Secrets of an alienated personality

None of the things you imagine matter, matter.

You are asleep. Wake up and feel the pain. Terror is just waiting for you. But you have to be awake.

There is no security.

There are other worlds. Harder to escape from than this one.

Any status or position you may have is an illusion. It does not matter how hard you have worked. Inside, you are nothing.

Your body is ridiculous.

Your consciousness is a joke. You have no control. You have no idea who you are.

You could consider yourself a right-wing, left-wing, fascist, liberal, communist atheist who believes in God. But you would be fooling yourself. You are nothing.

No one cares how much you love or despise money. No one cares if you are good or bad.

Your heart is in the wrong place. If you have a heart, that is.

Your ego is out of control. Of course, you do not believe this.

You are only impressing yourself.

You are of the opinion that none of the above applies to you and your life. And that is because you are a well-adjusted individual with all the self-awareness and cosmos-awareness of a block of wood.