Thursday, 7 January 2010

Kevin Kessinger wants his friggin' money!

Yeah. Kevin used to work at Citigroup as some sort of IT nut, but now he is taking legal action against the bank. His severance package has been frozen for the last six months! Can you believe this shit?

O Master, I can believe it. I believe everything I read in this blog.

O my child, do you believe that Big Herb loves us, and that he wants us to be with him on the astral plane?

Yeah, I believe that.

Do you believe that the ghosts of the dead financiers are waiting for us in the desert of our dreams?

Of course.

O my child, if I told you that there was a mystic candle that always burned, if you saw it stated boldly in my blog: THERE IS A MYSTIC CANDLE THAT ALWAYS BURNS - what would you say?

O Master, I would say: I know that there is a mystic candle that always burns. I have known a long time. And I know about the guardians. Oh, I believe! I believe in the mystic candle and its powers.

The mystic candle will lead us out of darkness. Do you believe?

Yes! I believe!

Do you think Mr Kessinger believes?

If he's got any sense, he does.

O Kevin, do you believe?