Wednesday, 26 January 2011

George Soros wants me to go to Davos with him

He wants me there, in Davos, by his side. I don't want to go. And I won't go. I don't care how many billionaires are waiting for me. It's not my scene. All that snow? It's too cold. And I don't care how much money they offer me. Louis Bacon says he'll pay me $1 million, just to show my face for an hour or two. He says he'll send his private jet. It means nothing to me.

Henry Kravis wants his aura looking at. I'm afraid I can't do it. His aura could be nasty black, satanic, sucking the life out of him, for all I care. That Nicholas Berggruen character wants to have dinner with me. Well, screw him. I AM NOT INTERESTED. I might have baked beans on toast tonight. I am my own man. I don't come running when I am called. Deal with it, you billionaires of the world!

Jim Goodnight? Oh, he can say goodnight! He'll never see me in Davos. Not even in his dreams. Let them understand what sort of person they're dealing with. I cannot be bought. I won't roll in the snow. I refuse to. I'll be in the desert sands. That's my natural environment. If they want me, they will have to come to me.

Come to me, billionaires! Leave Davos behind. It's old hat. The desert is new hat. I'll teach you how to burn your money. With my method, you won't get covered in ashes. That's my personal guarantee.

Oh dear. I'm afraid they are stuck in their ways. That's great wealth for you. It goes to your head. It makes you think you can do no wrong. So when you're poor, does this mean you think you can do no right?