Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Raymond Lahaut found floating in the River Thames

With his Longstone long/short real estate equity fund, Raymond Lahaut has been found floating in the River Thames, alive and well, or as alive and well as a thought-form can be. Obviously, we are dealing with a man who does not exist, who has never existed, at least, not in the way a man in the cold world would normally exist, all fleshes and bones, and hairs, and stuffs. So when we see him floating in the dirty water, when we see the water filling his lungs, there is nothing for us to get upset about. It's just a vision. Something we see with our astral eyes. We should be used to it by now.

It is refreshing to find a flickering light of a fund manager who has philosophy. Raymond invests on a fundamental bottom-up basis, like a duck. He is aware of macro and sector drivers. He likes to generate alpha from a long book or a short one. He's not fussy. And he has been doing it for years. I admire him. I think we all do. Imagine finding a shadow that had achieved so much! I only wish that this figment of our imaginations, this creature of our subconsciousness nesses ness, had a reality to call his own. Of course, the more we think about him, the more life he has. Oh, let's think about him all the time! Yes, children, let's make the effort. Mr Lahaut could be our finest creation. If any man deserves to be superior to a puppet in a box or a picture on the wall, then Raymond is that man.

Marcus Phayre-Mudge agrees with me. 'Raymond Lahaut would be a valuable addition to any property team, if only he could be pinned down; if only genuine people - the sort who possess bodies - could believe in him. It's a problem I intend to solve. I know that I would be the toast of the financial community if I could pluck Raymond out of thin air and display him in a glass cabinet in my office, where everyone could gawp, and gasp, "That's almost a human! Mr Phayre-Mudge, you're a fucking magician, you are". I would consider that my life's work.'

Such ambition! Mr Phayre-Mudge has our support, and our love. Yes, he does! However, a time would come when Raymond would have to be coaxed out of the glass cabinet. He would have to walk and talk, and take proper control of his Longstone long/short real estate equity fund. Seriously get to grips with it, while mere mortals faint and fall to the floor, and the smelling salts are passed around.

It's early days yet. All I know is, Raymond Lahaut can be seen floating in the River Thames, any time of the day or night. It's not a satisfactory situation, but neither is it the absolute disgrace that those in the mainstream media consider it to be. Not that they are willing to report the story. But that's why this blog is so popular. I reveal the other side of life.