Thursday, 6 January 2011

Nick MacAndrew or Edward Bramson?

Who do we want? Who do we want? Who do we want? 'For what, Mikey?' I hear you crying out all over the world. FOR WHAT? Who do we love? Who do we want to be the chairman of F&C Asset Management? Do we want the current chairman, Nick MacAndrew, who may be a wonderful guy, but who has never been burned, NOT ONCE IN HIS LIFE? Or do we want the great Edward Bramson of Sherborne Investors fame, who is not only a veteran of the astral plane, but who was once a close personal friend of the money god Big Herb when he was alive on this cold earth of ours?

Er ... what do you reckon? EDWARD BRAMSON! Yes, Edward Bramson is the man. He's the one we want.

[The rest of this post has been deleted. Too bad if you missed it. You should be quicker. And I meant every word.]