Wednesday, 18 July 2012

BlackRock's Andrew Williamson-Jones has had enough

They say he was managing the global equity fund. I find that hard to believe. No, I don't. / Well, he's leaving anyway, in September. I don't blame him. It's the right time. The financial crisis ain't getting any better, and my dreamworld is looking increasingly attractive. I don't blame Andy for wanting a piece of it.

I think we should spare a thought for Richard Turnill though. This poor bastard is managing the fund all by himself now, and there's little chance he'll ever be able to escape. I've had a look at his chakras and I have to say he's the sort who will stay on no matter what. There's nothing we can do to help him. / Should we leave Richie to it? Yeah, let's leave him to it. What do we care?


I'll be off on a conceptual later, after lunch, but let me just clarify something: my dreamworld is actually a higher reality. It would be more accurate to say that everyday reality is the real dreamworld. However, I'm afraid it's going to take DEATH to wake some of you up.