Monday, 9 July 2012

Mickey Morrissey has left Liontrust

Unfortunately, my internet connection is playing up again. So I've had to phone Mickey. I've had to phone Mickey to find out what the hell has happened.

'Mikey, why are you calling me? (Mickey, man, I want to know why you left Liontrust Asset Management.) I don't know anything about it. (What do you mean, you don't know anything about it? Weren't you the head of third party distribution, Mickey?) Mikey, you've got the wrong Mickey. (Aren't you Mickey Morrissey?) Yeah, I'm Mickey Morrissey. (Mickey, why are you messing me around?) Mikey, I wish I could help you. (Mickey, this isn't funny, man. My readers rely on me for all the latest financial news, and you're behaving like a prick. Tell me why you left Liontrust!) Have a look on the internet, Mikey. (Mickey, you're just making things worse for yourself. My readers ain't gonna like this.) Mikey, I don't give a toss about your readers! (Oh, it's like that, is it?) Yeah. (I might be able to help you, Mickey. I know a lot of people. Like Nigel Legge. I know him.) I don't care who you know, Mikey. I don't need anyone's help. I know Nigel, anyway. (Right. So you are the genuine Mickey, Mickey.) What? (I said you are the genuine Mickey, Mickey.) My name's Mickey Morrissey. (For fuck's sake!) Do you want to start again, Mikey?'

I put the phone down. This is what happens when you don't have the internet. How did people ever cope before?


I want my lunch. / I'll be back with more posts later, including No. 35. Where do I get the energy from? I wrote for thirteen hours yesterday. Thirteen!