Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Massimo Bertoli is launching his own hedge fund with money from Goldman Sachs

Only God can judge me. Yes, I'm listening to 2Pac again. I woke up and screamed: fuck the Olympics! That's me, paraphrasing. But let's get down to business. Apparently, Massimo Bertoli is some character who left Och-Ziff Capital Management last year. Now (or later) he wants to launch his own hedge fund with someone else's money, Goldman's money, in fact. / I can't understand Lloyd. Hasn't he got enough trouble with Lee Robinson? It can't just be greed. It's about power and control, ain't it? Well, never mind. Only God can judge Lloyd Blankfein. But if God's got any sense He'll leave well alone.

Who is this Stephen Sales? He's mixed up in it too. Unbelievable. The freakin' hedge fund doesn't even have a name yet, and people say I'm a dreamer! What are they going to call it? Who cares?! Hedge funds come, and hedge funds go. Read Ecclesiastes if you don't believe me.

Should I give them my blessing, Massi and Stevie? What harm can it do? More to the point, what good can it do? I'm losing touch with the shaman I used to be. I'm leaving "normal" reality behind. (I mean, what's normal for me.) This was always my destiny. So how can I help people who are only interested in making money? I must seem utterly alien to them. It's my dream that one day they'll want to join me. Am I a fool?