Thursday, 27 September 2012

Andrew Mack is going to be the chief executive of a genuine hedge fund!

Yes, it's real. You don't believe me? It has been confirmed, man. The Portman Square Capital hedge fund actually exists now. (I'm welling up. I'm so emotional.) Thanks to that visionary genius, Sutesh Sharma. I knew he would pull it off. I had faith in him. / Andrew Mack? He's going to be the chief executive. ('They know, Mikey.') I feel like celebrating. Drinks all a-ROUND! / And Toby is still there, and with the same name! Amazing! And Sutesh is still stubbornly hanging on to his surname. (The goddamn willpower of this man - like Napoleon!) Unbelievable! / And Portman Square is going to launch some nutty multi-strategy relative-value fund in November. Oh, brilliant! Dreams can come true. This is the proof.


However, it's nearly lunchtime. So I can't write any more. / I'll celebrate this Portman Square stuff with a can of Pepsi, cheese rolls, some crisps, and a small blackcurrant cheesecake. Lovely!

After lunch, I'll be working on No. 57.