Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pivotal Investments is returning money to investors!

'Why?' Well, it's going out of business because it couldn't raise enough money. 'Christ!' If it keeps returning money to investors like this, is it any wonder? 'I don't understand these hedge funds.' Yes, Pivotal is another hedge fund. Hong Kong. Mild-mannered janitors and all that. I don't have to say any more, do I?

'What will happen to Brian Yeh and Michael Sun, Mikey?' Don’t worry about them, Voice. 'I am worried, man.' Brian is going to ChinaRock Capital - a radio station, apparently. 'He's going to be a fucking disc jockey?!' Yeah. 'Bloody hell! What about Mickey?' Michael Sun is going to manage his own money, the little he has left. So, why he wants to return money to investors is a mystery. 'He must be really honest.' I suppose. Strange guy, eh? 'Nutter!'

I wonder what songs Brian will be playing. I'm listening to Neil Young at the moment. Down By The River, Mellow My Mind, Like A Hurricane, Cinnamon Girl, Revolution Blues ... 'All classics, Mikey! Do you think Brian will do requests? We might be able to listen over the internet.' I'll look into it, Voice.