Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Richard Chenevix-Trench?

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. I'm not sure there's anything I can do about this. 'Serious, ain't it, Mikey?' Yes, Voice. 'He died in the nineteenth century, you know. Heavy shit, man.' No he didn't. 'He did!' No, he's the chief investment officer of Sloane Robinson. 'Yeah, I know, from beyond the grave.' What?! He's in the land of the living! And he's taking some time off, a year or two. 'A year or two?! These people live in a different world, don't they?' Yes, Voice, they do. 'The other world.' No, not the other world. Oh - where do you live? 'In your head, Mikey. You know that.' Right. What a life!

Just imagine. Sloane Robinson manages assets in a variety of products, primarily focused on long/short equity in emerging, pacific and European markets. It manages assets with an absolute return focus on behalf of professional investors throughout the world. 'Well, that's a comfort, ain't it?' Yes, it is. / Anyway, things are changing at Sloane Robinson. Changes to one of its hedge funds, and another fund shutting down. Bosses are moving around (a-ROUND? no), and Richie's going off to do God knows what. 'Do we care, Mikey?' I'm concerned about Richie, man. He seems to have lost his way, the way. 'You can’t look after everyone. He's not your responsibility.' I'm the world's foremost financial shaman! 'Take a day off, son. Actually, take the rest of your life off.' I just might, Voice.

One day, I'll get beyond this finance crap. I'll go a-ROUND forever. Then I'll be living the dream. 'And that's all that Richie wants, too.' Yeah, I know. Maybe we shouldn't worry.

It will all work out.