Tuesday, 25 September 2012

"Who the hell is Colm O'Shea, and why on earth did he get paid £34 million last year?!?!"

All right. Don't get upset. Colm O'Shea is the founder of COMAC Capital, a hedge fund, and he worked hard for every penny, I'm sure. / Jesus! I can't believe some of you people. You're worse than Nick Clegg! 'Oh, Mikey, don't get me started on that tosser.' Cool it, Voice. It's too late at night for politics.

From the website: COMAC Capital LLP is a London-based discretionary global macro hedge fund manager. / Macro crap again. Never mind. You can't tell some people. They have to learn the hard way.

Man, it's too late for finance. The Duc de Richelieu wouldn't have any truck with finance at this hour. He would be fighting the powers of darkness. That's what I should be doing. I mean, that's what I'm trained for. I just feel I'm wasting my life on nonsense sometimes. / Satanists? I shit 'em.

I ain't got much to write about. / I'm listening to Brian Eno's Apollo again. I've been listening to this album, at night, for over twenty-five years. It never gets boring. It's an atmospheric masterpiece. / Outer space sounds so good, so inviting. / And I love that space cow, or whatever it is.