Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Joseph Sullivan will be chief executive of Legg Mason for a little while

Yeah, just to give him a taste of life at the top. Then those cruel bastards at Legg Mason will snatch it all away from him and give the job to some oaf, some mindless bum, who won't deserve it, obviously, because that's the way the world is. God, it makes me angry! Seeing a good man like Joseph Sullivan getting treated this way. [Oh - Mark Fetting has had enough. And Sullivan is/was head of global distribution. And Legg Mason is one of the world's largest asset managers, dedicated solely to managing money. And ... there's more: the most distinctive feature of Legg Mason is its specialized approach to managing money. It houses a selection of prestigious investment management businesses, each focusing on its own area of expertise. Like we care, eh?] Fuck! I like Joseph, you know? When he manages money, I can really love - and that's rare. You don't get that with a lot of finance types. Well, I don't. Most of them make me HATE!!!

I'm in a bad mood. Don't worry about it. 'Just angry at yourself, man.' Voice, I don't need you this morning. 'If you had finished those songs you wouldn't be feeling like this.' What do you know about it? 'Mikey, I know. I've been around, and a-ROUND, even more than you. You've got to remember that right now, where you are, this obscure blog stuff, you're slumming it with all kinds of creeps, phoneys, and fuckheads, but music will lift you up above the shit. I'm talking real freedom, man. They won't be able to touch you.' You reckon I'll be flying high in the friendly sky with Marvin Gaye? 'Definitely!' Thank you, Voice. It's something to think about.

Sometimes, when the Voice talks, I can really love. It makes sense, every now and then. And now, I feel good. I can really love. And it/he/she/whatever didn't mean my readers, I'm sure. It meant the others, those fucks. The net, it's like a sewer. Well, it can be. A prison, like a room, my room, and my head. I need to find freedom, real freedom. I shall be released!

No. 51 coming up. I can feel it. Later. I'll get it, and I'll give it to you, like I always do. But ... I just hope you deserve it, all this, and me. What have you done to deserve a sha/man like me? / Are you the same as that next CEO of Legg Mason, the oaf, the mindless bum? Are you like those pricks who write all day long about finance with the souls of rats? THEY HAVE NO FUCKING FEELINGS!!! 'Mikey, no!' Okay, Voice. Okay. Ha!