Monday, 17 September 2012

Lasair Capital is returning money to investors as well

Jesus H. Christ! Another hedge fund that doesn't like money. $250 million. Ridiculous! What's going on? Why are all these hedge funds returning money to investors? Investors don't know what to do with their money, do they? (Why do you think they give it to hedge funds in the first place? They aren't that bright, you know.) If you leave them to their own devices, they'll just spend it on a load of crap. / If you're a hedgie and you've got your hands on somebody else's cash, my advice is to keep it. What's the worst that can happen?


Never mind. / Imagine wearing a turban and sleeping in the back of a hearse. Bob Dylan did that in the Seventies.

I'm writing this now, at night. I want to play my guitar tomorrow, well, later today.

I'll see if I can write a bit of music tomorrow/today. I'll leave the lyrics to last. Music is easy, for me. Actually, words are easy for me, here. It's just the lyrics. It's all psychological. Once I've broken through this BRICK WALL there'll be no stopping me. There's no reason why I can't be as creative with my songwriting as I am with my blogging.

I remember when I came back from Looe (Cornwall) exactly twenty-five years ago: within a few months I had written enough songs for a demo, and had recorded them in a studio with some musicians, while holding down a job and doing other shit. I was eighteen. Things are different now. I'm aiming for much higher quality. [This has nothing to do with hedge funds. So what? I'm writing about something important.] I'll play myself this time. I'll just record on my laptop. Simple recordings. And I can sing better now. I don't know why. I've already got the quality for nearly two songs. Just one more complete song, and a lyric. I can do it. I can break through. [This has nothing to do with hedge funds. This is for me, this writing. You don't have to read it. I don't expect anyone to read it.] I won't be wearing a turban, I know that much.

That's why I wanted to go to Looe again, rather than my beloved St Ives: to recapture a feeling or an attitude.

I want to write for other artists, but if anyone tries to talk me into a recording contract I might let them. Not my original intention, but I know I could do something that hasn't been done by anyone for years. The sort of music that people like Dylan and Young did in the Sixties/Seventies. Might be a lot of grief though. Probably better to write for others and live a quiet life in Cornwall, anonymous. I don't know. I'm confused. So many different ideas in my head, changing from day to day.

I'm writing this for my benefit, you understand, so I can look back at it one day, ten years, twenty years, and see what happened.

I'm still toying with the idea of deleting all music-related posts. I probably will. It doesn't matter when. This blog can get pretty messy at times, like life. So maybe I should leave it alone.