Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Kames Capital Global Equity Income fund

What's this? What do you think? See if you can guess. Yeah, you're not wrong. It's another new fund. It will be launched tomorrow (I think) by Kames Capital (obviously), and it will be managed by Piers Hillier and Mark Peden. It's being launched for their benefit, apparently. It's all right for some, ain't it? No one launches funds for me. But I suppose I'm only the world's foremost financial shaman. That don't mean shit to lot of people in the business. What do I care? I'll be having the last laugh on Judgement Day.

I could tell you more about this Kames stuff, but I refuse to. What's the point? / Anyway, there'll be another new fund tomorrow, and ... Maybe I'll tell you about it, and maybe I won't. And tomorrow, and tomorrow. I'm so tired. I'm sick of funds. 'Mikey, a man who is sick of funds is sick of life.' Oh shut it, you idiot! 'They work as a team. But what sets them apart is their willingness to share and challenge views within and across asset classes.' What are you talking about, Voice? 'Kames Capital, man!' Piss off!

What have I done to deserve this life, eh? / I know shamans who are not involved in finance. They seem to be happier than I am. They don't get dragged down into the sewer the way I do. They don't try to save people who are beyond saving. However, they do preach to the converted. I'm the one with the balls. I'm the one who went into the financial blogosphere knowing how hard it was going to be. (And I knew all the other financial writers were going to be pretty clueless.) But here I am, still standing after five years. It's got to be worth something.