Thursday, 20 September 2012

Daniel Bystrom is launching his Hawksfield Capital hedge fund - at last!

It's about time, ain't it? How long has it taken him? 'Years, Mikey.' Yes, years, Voice, you're not wrong. It's taken him years. 'Five years! He's got a name for it though, Hawksfield Capital. A lot of them don't have names, you know.' I know, Voice. It's because there are so many dreamers around (not a-ROUND? well ...). But Danny is a man of action - eventually. 'He was head of equity derivatives trading at MF Global, wasn't he? Is that a good sign?' Let's not discuss it. 'What about his partner, Neil Boyarsky?' Forget about Neil! 'All right, man.'

Yeah, all right. / I suppose it's a bit rich my criticizing Danny. I've been back into music for two years now and have very little to show for it. 'You’re a perfectionist genius, Mikey! Not some dodgepot hedgie.' That's true. Oh, you can't really compare us. And five years is an awful long time. What the hell has he been doing?! 'I guess he's just a dreamer who finally got his act together.' We'll see, Voice. 'His hedge fund has a name, man! Hawksfield Capital.' You need more than a name, son. 'He's putting his own money into it!' Really? How much? 'A few dollars. He'll probably ponce the rest off family and friends.' Yeah. Isn't that always the way with his sort?

Anyway, I wish Danny all the best. You've got to admire anyone launching a hedge fund in the present climate.