Monday, 12 January 2015

Ben Money-Coutts?!

Yeah, Ben is actually real, you know, a real man, a real banker type, but that's not his real name. Oh no. His real name is Dave Hallett. It's a long story. (I'll try to keep it short.) Our Ben grew up in terrible poverty. You don't believe me? He had to share a bedroom with his eight brothers in a council flat on the White City estate in Shepherd's Bush. He left school at the age of sixteen with one 'O' Level in Woodwork. He was unemployed for quite a few years. It was a hard life. Then one day ... EVERYTHING CHANGED!!! Ben was sitting on the 207 bus to Nowhere in Particular when he picked up a book that someone had left on the seat next to him. The book was Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins. (Amazing luck!) Ben took it home and read it, from cover to cover in just one day. This book ... TRANSFORMED HIS LIFE!!! He started to think BIG, to dream BIG, you dig? He knew he wanted to be RICH and SUCCESSFUL. Ben knew he wanted to live in a CASTLE with a SUPERMODEL and drive a FERRARI and drink the FINEST WINES available to humanity. How was he going to do it? He had to change his name! He needed a name that would turn his life around and attract money. Well, first, there was Benjamin. (Benjamins are one hundred dollar bills over in America.) Then he chose his surname, Money, and Coutts - after the bank, of course. Ben Money-Coutts was born! With his new name, Ben found it easy to land his first ever job at Arthur Andersen. SO EASY!!! Amazingly, the accounting firm believed him when he told them that he had studied at Oxford. It was the MAGIC of his new name! / Today, our Benny works at Charles Stanley and has just become the chief financial officer on a temporary basis. They'll make him permanent sooner or later. This man is going straight to the ... TOP!!!


What a nice story, eh, dear reader(s)? It's true stories like this that give me hope for the future, for myself, for all of us.

Oh, and Arthur Andersen reminds me ... I watched Fandango again last night. (Near the end Lester tells the other Groovers he'll be at Arthur Andersen in Dallas. His first job also, after graduating.) I think one reason I love this film so much is ... hardly anyone knows about it, man! It's a cult film that really is a cult, almost a secret society. Every couple of years Fandango fans meet up in Texas for a tour of the filming locations. However, only thirty or forty people! I might join them one day.