Monday, 26 January 2015

George Soros has "retired" again

Ha! This guy has retired more times than Frank Sinatra. But he's serious this time. / Well, I hope so, George, mate. You're eighty-four years old. You can't go on forever. Let someone else make some money. I mean, how much do you need?! / 'How much money does this guy need, Mikey?' Oh, I don't know, Voice. Maybe this guy's in love with me, like the song. 'You reckon?' Maybe George will send some cash my way so I can buy a new guitar. / Are you reading? I need it, George, man, an electro-acoustic. Also, I wouldn't mind a top-of-the-range Stratocaster. Now that you're being so generous and everything ... 'We don't actually know if he's being generous, boss.' Well, I've read that George, I mean, Mr Soros, is going to be devoting himself to philanthropy, so ... 'I don't think he's thinking about you.' No? Well, he should be. I deserve a bit of good fortune. I've had a hard life, son. You don't see me swanning around Davos drinking champagne.

Which reminds me. The Davos crowd, the one per cent crowd, have had a real kick in the balls this weekend, courtesy of the Greek electorate. 'Yes!' Yes! This is what I like to see! Normal people are being selfish and putting their own interests first for a change, instead of worrying about the likes of George Soros. Oh dear! Does George have enough money for a new penthouse apartment in Manhattan? That's a thing of the past! Now it's: Screw George! I'm going to buy a new pair of shoes for my son - or daughter or whatever. You get me? The times they are a-changin', dear reader(s).

Capitalism is being destroyed by the capitalists. This isn't good though. Personally, I'm going to need the capitalist system to support my next career as international rock and roll star. And I still want that massive house in Malibu. 'Working class hero?!' You bet, Voice! John Lennon was no fool.

However, things have to change. If you're rich, dear reader(s), pay your taxes and stop fucking moaning.


Sermon over. / Music? I'm listening to The Rolling Stones, Hot Rocks, 1964-1971.

Lunch? Er ... it's going to be a sandwich, obviously. Either cheese or egg. Probably cheese. Happy now? What are you having, reader(s)?

I'm going to try recording tonight, as long as the neighbours can keep their noise down. It's really not a good idea screaming in the street or banging a car door when there's a genius at work. Do you know what I mean?