Tuesday, 6 January 2015

I don't fear no brain drain at the Bank of England

I mean, they ain't got no brains. So what is there to fear? Other people have fear though. 'They're conventional types, Mikey. Normal human beings. Cold earth wanderers. That sort always fear something. But we are mystic kooks! We have all the brains in the cosmos, and we fear nothing.' Very well said, Voice. (Impressive, eh, dear reader(s)?) I honestly don't think I could have done better myself. 'Thanks, boss. Do I get a pay rise?' No.

[Christ. You start giving disembodied voices pay rises, and where does it end? I'm not rolling in money. I'm not burning with money. 'You used to burn with money, in the desert.' Those days are gone, man. These are austere times.]

Yes, we have all the brains, and we fear nothing. / Well ... It's easy to give in to fear. I've been known to wake up at three in the morning and worry about nonsense. However, the daylight washes the nonsense away. / We need to keep working. Prince often rehearses his band at four in the morning. No tossing and turning for him! It's a different way of living. You can bend life to your will.

I'm probably not making a lot of sense. Never mind. You can learn a lot from me, reader(s). The people you need to avoid are the ones who make perfect sense. They are in league with the devil. They will suck you in if you're not careful.


Other news? Oh, er, Paul Tudor Jones is closing his oldest hedge fund. 'Tenpole Tudor?!' Paul Tudor Jones, Voice! Clear your ears out. 'I ain't got no ears, Mikey.' / Yeah, his oldest fund. Bloody hell. Hasn't this man got any feelings?


Tenpole Tudor?! Music? Well, I'm certainly not listening to them. I'm listening to Amy Winehouse (yet again). I find it hard to believe there was a time when people thought Amy was untalented. 'Surely not?!' People used to go on about her being a druggie, like that was the most important thing. Only a few could see past the drugs and tattoos and shit. Andrew Lloyd Webber - to his credit - compared her to Ella Fitzgerald. Years ago, my favourite female singer was Karen Carpenter. It's definitely Amy now.

My music? I'm in the mood for recording today, later tonight. / I'm not changing my guitar strings. I usually put fresh strings on. However, I want to see what the sound is like with old strings (roughly eighty hours played). Wish me luck. 'Good luck, Mikey!' Thanks, man.