Thursday, 22 January 2015

No finance! Oh, cut me some slack! Last post of the week, man!

Yeah! Come on! Music is the way! Let's turn this into a music blog. 'Your readers won't like it, Mikey.' How do you know, Voice? My readers could be anyone. For all we know, Phil Spector could be reading this post in his prison cell. Christ! Why on earth is this guy in prison?! 'He shot a woman, boss.' Well ... fair enough. It's easy to forget sometimes.

Dear reader(s), I'm listening to Spanish Harlem. Just Phil with an acoustic guitar. Superb! Check it out.

Er ... / My music? I've been thinking I might have to record my songs in a proper recording studio. It won't be too expensive, and I'll have an engineer and a good microphone and a sound-proofed room and all the rest of it. It could be potentially embarrassing though if I don't have my shit together musically. In the old days, I hired professional musicians (one of them has been playing with Damon Albarn recently). But I can't afford that now. I want to do it myself, anyway. Just play the guitar and sing, you know? Like Phil. Simple! I'll need a new acoustic, an electro-acoustic. More money ... / Or I could go to a rehearsal studio, like I said before. I don't know, man. I'm going to continue with the laptop and USB microphone for a while longer. Watch this space! Or that space, over there. (The space with all the finance stuff in it. If you really need it ...) / On a more positive note, I recorded a version of My Heart tonight which is ... very, very close to what I want. Hundreds and hundreds of versions, but who cares? This is like my Hamburg period. 'Is it?!' Watch this space, Voice!