Wednesday, 21 January 2015

William De Winton has had enough of Lansdowne Partners' Global Financials fund

Good luck to you, Willy, mate! Let some other mug manage that Global Financials nonsense. You're better off out of it. / Our Willy isn't leaving Lansdowne though, dear reader(s). No, he's staying. I'm sure they'll find him something to do. Or maybe he's planning to take it easy now. / Willy, mate, take it easy, yeah? You've done enough work for one lifetime. Have you got any hobbies? Can you play the guitar? You see, I'm trying to record a demo of my songs, but ... never mind. You don't want to hear about my problems.

Lansdowne, Lansdowne, Lansdowne ... Have I written about this hedge fund before? I lose track. There are so many financial firms, and so little time. / Er ... Founded in 1998, Lansdowne manages assets for a diversified client base that includes some of the world's largest and most sophisticated investors. Wow! Sophisticated investors, eh? That's what I like to see. I mean, those unsophisticated investors are a real pain in the arse. Frankly, I hate their guts.


Oh ... I'm depressed, man. Big time. / The more the Tories say the economy is booming and employment is up, the worse I feel because ... I know it's all bullshit. If someone disappears from the JSA register, it doesn't mean they've got a job, it just means they've disappeared. And then there's the national debt, dear reader(s). No chance of paying that off, ever. What are we going to do? And the rich will be in trouble eventually. If you're rich, the poor will come looking for you sooner or later. Even if you pay your bodyguards well, the bodyguards may have relatives or friends who are under the arches, you know? And they might get bitter about it. The whole thing is a mess, the whole world. It's really depressing.


Music! We need some music to cheer us up. Let me have a look at my media player. 'Leonard Cohen again, Mikey?' Be serious, Voice. Some girls wander by mistake into the mess that scalpels make - ? No thanks. Not this early in the morning.

AC/DC ... Back in Black.