Wednesday, 14 January 2015

John Lovisolo has gone to work for Coherence Capital Partners

Apparently, John was the vet at Barclays. It's a big bank and it has a lot of office cats, so - 'Don't be ridiculous, Mikey. This joke is getting a bit old now, isn't it?' I don't know what you mean, Voice. Someone's got to look after the cats. What if they get ill? 'Mr Lovisolo is a veteran of Barclays bank. He was a managing director and co-head of prime brokerage and all sorts of other stuff, yeah? A reasonably big cheese, as it were. He wasn't looking after the fucking office cat!' You know, Voice, you're no fun any more. If I can't enjoy myself with this blog, what's the point? I'm just going to give up, man. 'Tell your readers what John is doing at Coherence.' Our Johnny, dear reader(s), is the chief operating officer and the chief risk officer. 'Two jobs, boss?! They must think the world of him, Sally and the rest of the gang.' Yeah, they must do, Sally and Vinny and Bobby and Davy. I presume they're all still at the firm.


That's enough finance. Christ. / I'll be doing a conceptual after lunch, a non-financial one, No. 283. I feel like getting DIZZY, you dig? Real DIZZY. / I'm a bit pissed off, actually. I tried to do some recording last night. I'm still not getting anywhere with it. 'Jesus.' Giving up isn’t an option though. My songs are masterpieces, frankly, and I don't wanna hear any shit about it, all right? 'All right!' It's just getting them to sound good, man.

I need a nice sandwich to take my mind off my troubles. 'What have you got?' Er ... luxury egg, from Tesco. 'Brilliant!' Yeah, it's not bad. You've got to treat yourself, ain't ya?