Thursday, 6 August 2015

New hedge fund opening?

Old one closing? I don't know. I'm sure somewhere in the world a new hedge fund is opening and an old one is closing ... but I ain't writing about that shit because I'm knackered, frankly, and this is the last post of the week. Yes, it's Thursday night, reader(s), the start of the weekend. So cut me some slack, man. Come back Monday for hedge fund news, if it means so much to you. 'Ha!'


This is a music blog, anyway. 'And a politics blog, Mikey.' Shut up, you slag! 'Brian Eno says Jeremy Corbyn could become prime minister.' Well, he could!

Music? It's too early for Apollo. Maybe later tonight, when I'm chillaxing like the present PM. [And he doesn't have the stressful life of a blogger. What does he do all day?!]


Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow? Oh, I'm not wishing my life away. Friday! [One "tomorrow" is more than enough for me.] The pub, I suppose. 'You deserve it!' Ah, down by the river. Cromwell's ghost. Bag of crisps. A couple of cold, cold Stellas. [Not necessarily in that order.] Laters!