Thursday, 20 August 2015

Nutjob attempts to lure dumped Brewin Dolphin clients with chocolates

Oh, I've heard it all, seen it all, now! The world of finance is just crazy, man! 'What's all this, boss?' Brewin Dolphin has dumped a load of its clients, yeah? 'So?' Well, some absolute lunatic, a pervert probably, has been offering chocolates to these ex-clients of Brewin Dolphin in the hope of ... sexual favours, I suppose. I don't know. It's sick! 'Ha! Are you sure?' Positive. 'Where did you read this?' What? You think I'm making it up, Voice? 'Come on. Where did you read it?' Fundweb. 'Really?' Yes. I haven't got the link, but go and have a look. Dear reader(s), you go and have a look, too. It's the most absurd thing ever. I just hope the authorities get involved. 'The FCA?' No, man, the police.


Anything else? Not really. / Er ... I'll be working on another conceptual after lunch, No. 342. Some PR freak has sent me an email about New Capital hiring a specialist UK equity fund manager. 'It sounds fascinating, Mikey.' Well, it's something to write about, ain't it? Something to get DIZZY(!) with.

That's my life - for now. / Things will change. 'You reckon?' They've got to. Once I've burnt off my bad karma.