Monday, 20 January 2020


What's that?! ... you're probably wondering, dear reader(s). Or maybe you already know. 'They already know, boss.' Yes, some of them will, Voice. But not all of them. Some of them won't have a bloody clue! 'Oh dear.' Yes. Never mind.

Anyway, it's, uh ... obviously a PR email. And no endorsement, obviously. And -

The details contained here are for information purposes only and should not be considered as an offer, investment recommendation, or solicitation to deal in any investments or funds and does not constitute investment research, investment recommendation or investment advice in any jurisdiction.

So, there you have it. Let's talk about music now. 'Don't take the piss, boss. Tell everyone about AIPUT and the new warehouse.' Oh, they know all about it. 'What, even the warehouse?' Er ... well, I'm not sure about the warehouse, man. 'They probably haven't heard about the warehouse. You could be the first one to tell them. Make yourself useful for once in your life.' Excuse me! It's not my job to give people bland, everyday news. I'm a spiritual leader. 'Lead them then! Back into the desert!' Ha, ha, ha! Those days are over, idiot!


Anyway ...

Aberdeen Standard Investments' AIPUT fund (Airport Industrial Property Unit Trust) has secured a resolution to grant planning permission from Slough Borough Council's Planning Committee for Black Arrow, a high-quality speculative-build warehouse development at its Blackthorne Point industrial estate in Poyle.  

Okay, okay. A new warehouse.

The high-spec, 27,760 sq ft (2,579 sq m) GIA industrial warehouse will occupy a vacant brownfield site, immediately across the M25 from Heathrow's Terminal 5. Black Arrow will be a flexible industrial warehouse unit supporting B1c, B2 and B8 uses, similar in proportion to an existing planning consent granted in 2017. However, the building will incorporate a number of new environmental initiatives - including air source heat pumps and photovoltaic panels - delivering a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions over building regulation requirements and the achievement of a BREEAM 'very good' rating. AIPUT's Carbon Strategy requires the fund to achieve carbon neutrality across its portfolio by 2025. 

It sounds fascinating. 'Don't knock it, boss. It's going to be carbon neutral.' Ah, right. Listen! No one's saving the planet, son. 'Oh.' But the good news is ... the spiders won't care. 'What do you mean?' They'll have the planet to themselves. And I'm sure they won't miss humans. The truth of the matter is ... they'll be happy when we're gone. Less danger, you dig? 'Yeah, I suppose.' Don't worry about it. The earth will be very hot. But there will still be seas and rocks. 'And the spiders will love it.' Of course they will!

Anyway, I suppose we better hear from Fraser Green. 'Who the hell is Fraser Green?!' Ha! He's a portfolio manager for AIPUT. Look - !

Fraser Green, Portfolio Manager for AIPUT, says: "This welcome new addition to our Blackthorne Point estate delivers on AIPUT's long-term vision to facilitate the continuing growth of our high-quality air cargo portfolio at key locations serving Heathrow. Black Arrow will set a new quality benchmark for airport-related industrial warehousing at Poyle, delivering cutting-edge environmental performance." 

Nice one! Thanks, Fraser!



Anything else? Yes. I've got a headache. I've just taken two Anadin Extra on an empty stomach. Not a great idea, but I can't wait until lunchtime.

Music? Listen! I reckon Bob Dylan was a bit jealous of Kurt Cobain. He reckons that Polly was Cobain's best song. Well, it wasn't. Smells Like Teen Spirit was his best song. [He wrote it by himself but shared the credits with the other two guys. They had some important input on the arrangement.] This song is far more powerful and iconic than Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone. / I've spoken of this before, kook(s). Whenever you hear some artist praising another artist's minor work rather than their major work. This is what's going on. Jealousy.

My music? I didn't record my demo this weekend. I didn't want to. It's as simple as that. But I made a rough recording of Nothing. Despite the roughness, the quality of the song was apparent. A bit like that YouTube video of Nirvana playing Smells Like Teen Spirit live for the first time in a small club. Here it is now, for your entertainment. Enjoy!