Monday, 10 February 2020

Who loves the sun?

That's, uh ... a Velvet Underground song, but it would make more sense to ask, who funds the sun? 'That makes no sense at all, boss. What on earth are you talking about?' Nothing, Voice. Nothing.

Just a PR email, dear reader(s).

SunFunder makes first investment in Nigeria with Daystar Power.

You see? 'Oh, it all makes sense now.' Of course it does!

SunFunder, a solar finance company providing debt capital to solar enterprises in emerging markets, today announced its first disbursement in Nigeria, part of a facility of up to $4m with commercial and industrial (C&I) solar developer, Daystar Power.

Okay, okay. Let's hear more!

Daystar Power specializes in providing solar power and energy efficiency solutions for businesses in the commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors that result in significant reduction of power costs, diesel consumption and pollution. SunFunder's investment in up to 3MWp of C&I projects for clients including top tier financial institutions and other small and medium-sized enterprises will mitigate 102,410 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

You see? It's not just our Elon saving the world. He's got competition.

I think we need to hear from Rim ...

"We are delighted to support Daystar's growth with a project finance-like structure that can support the company's strategy for rapid buildout in Nigeria, through their highly scalable business model," says Rim Azirar, Investment Officer at SunFunder. "The Daystar team offers its clients power solutions tailored to their operations and is impressively scaling the company's reach by standardizing deployment, both important factors in the emerging and often fragmented C&I solar sector in Africa."

She's delighted. 'They all are!' Obviously.

Oh, a bit more about SunFunder -

SunFunder is a solar finance business driving a global energy transformation to solve energy access and climate change. Its team has deployed more than $85m to nearly 50 solar companies since 2012. This has increased clean energy access for over 7m people and mitigated more than 531k tons of CO2e annually. SunFunder offers scalable debt capital to solar companies in the form of inventory, working capital and structured finance loans. Simultaneously, the company provides investors with diversified, high-impact, fixed income debt offerings with its portfolio of loans to emerging market solar enterprises.

'You've missed out the quote from Christian Wessels!' No I haven't. 'Yes you have! You jumped straight to that SunFunder bit.' Listen, idiot, I'm going back to the Wessels quote now.

Christian Wessels, co-founder and executive of Daystar Power, comments: "We are happy to partner with SunFunder in our mission to bring clean, continuous and affordable power to West African businesses in support of their growth and environmental goals. The support of SunFunder enables the beginning of a new phase of accelerated growth for our company."

He's happy. Are you happy, Voice? 'Yeah.' Good. / Christ. I don't have to do everything in order, do I? I can be a bit creative. Mix things up a bit. 'You could do some mystical chat. Like the old days.' No. 'Oh.' I've changed.

Anyway, now this -

According to a recent study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Nigeria has the largest potential for C&I solar in Africa because of the scale of the opportunity for diesel replacement. Daystar is a pioneer in the market, offering end-users increased reliability as well as lower energy costs through solar and storage systems.

And ... ENDS - !!!


Anything else? Well, I've been watching some Dan Pena videos on YouTube. The guy is totally deranged, but ... he makes some sense, I suppose. I mean, he doesn't sugar-coat anything. He charges up to $20,000 for a motivational week in his Scottish castle. 'Can you afford that, boss?' Don't be ridiculous, man. Of course I can't. 'Well, never mind.' Yeah.

It doesn't matter. I've got the Vance/Musk audiobook. 'Are you back on that?' Yes, Voice. Elon is my only companion now. 'What about me?!' Yeah, yeah.

The thing is though ... I'm not reading Elon's tweets no more. Vance has got him frozen and controlled - if you know what I mean, kook(s). And that's the way I like it. There's no silly stuff in the book.