Friday, 6 January 2012

Albert Sohn and Credit Suisse are planning to launch a new hedge fund, apparently

I don't know all the details. The few details I do know, I don't really understand. And I haven't got the energy to investigate further. I need a new intern, definitely. Not that I had an old one. Oh, I tell so many lies, and yet I'm the most truthful person I know. Like Bacon said: lies that are truer than the literal truth. Or was it Van Gogh? Who cares?! But about Albert. Apparently, he's mixed up with that Credit Suisse crowd. He used to be the head of securitized products. [Yeah, right.] Now he's in the bank's asset-management unit - or so they say - and they've managed to talk him into some hedge fund nonsense or something. Sometime later this year, I think. Much later, hopefully. When he's got the energy, himself, I should imagine. It's only January, for Christ's sake! We've only just had Christmas. There's no rush, is there? Personally, I don't want to see Albert damaging his health, just so those hard-ons at Credit Suisse can have a new hedge fund for their clients. There's more to life than making money, you know. Though I doubt Gary Buchalter, Amar Sujanani, and Alok Verma will agree. And who are they, you're wondering. It doesn't matter who they are, dear reader. Is your life so empty that you need to worry about who complete strangers are? Get a grip! Focus on what you're doing. I mean, I presume you have a career, my friend, and that you're not one of these awful unemployed bums we've all read about in the papers, surfing the net for a minute or two before heading off to the local park with a few cans of Tennent's Super. That's no life. You should be ashamed of yourself if that's how things are with you.


I'm still not doing The Three Cs. The question is: are The Three Cs all they're cracked up to be?