Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Paul Moghtader loves controlled volatility

(Well, he would.) And that's all I know about him. I'm afraid Paul Moghtader is a bit of a mystery man. Well, I know a little more. Just a little. I know he's managing the Lazard Global Controlled Volatility fund with this Susanne Willumsen bird. But that's it. I honestly do not know anything else about him. And do you know what? I'm not even sure I want to know anything else or ... more. I'll only be disappointed. You should never meet your heroes. Though he's no hero of mine, and no one has suggested that I should meet him. (Not even me.) Perish the thought! I can't spare the time. Meeting fund managers? It's bad enough that I have to write about them.

No one forces me to, I know that. (Maybe the moon.) I just can't stop! It's bad enough, certainly, and yet I can't stop. What is wrong with ...? Oh, I know! Don't need to wonder, do I? I got the fever, must have it, with the blood dripping from last night's moon (every night's moon, let's face it) oh most nights, when it's out looking for savages like me to entice. Byron knew all about it. He packed in the roving because of it. But it affects different people in different ways. With me, it's fund managers. I can't explain why! With Byron? I wouldn't like to say. Augusta? No! I refuse to invade the man's privacy. He's been dead close to two hundred years. Let him rest in peace!