Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I've had my lunch

Cheese and onion rolls. (Like sausage rolls for vegetarians.) Crisps. Yoghurt. A can of Coke. None of that diet muck. I'm still depressed, and a bit angry. Charlie's chakras? Oh, Charles Kirwan-Taylor won't have any fucking chakras by the time I've finished with him! Remember when I stopped them whirling? That was nothing.

The last post of the month. I haven't been too literary this year - yet. I don't give a shit. My blog, my rules. I'm too unsettled. Depressed, and angry. I don't feel like a smooth poet. I feel like a rough killer. A monster. You should never trust a vegetarian.

I was in a very bad mood on Sunday. I meant what I said about the work/suicide stuff, but not about my angel. She'll always matter, whatever her attitude is. I don't want to upset her. She means so much to me. This world is a horror show. She's the only good thing in it.

If I were God, I wouldn't have any dealings with the Earth. And I don't think He does. I mean, look at all the wars and disasters. All those people praying to Him and He just wants to be left alone, I'm sure. 'It was a mistake. Don't they understand, the cretins? A mistake!'