Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Charles Kirwan-Taylor has left RAB Capital now!!!

And I don't even care, so I don't know why I'm using the exclamation marks. All I know is that it's bad news for Charlie's aura and his chakras.

I tried my best to help these people. Charlie gave me his word of honour that he wouldn't leave RAB Capital. But then so did Stephen Couttie.

I'm not speaking to them, any of them. Michael Alen-Buckley phoned me a couple of hours ago. I put the phone down on him. I'm just not interested.


Let's write about something else. (Well, I'll do the writing - if you don't mind. You can do the reading.) If another chief executive lets me down, I'll ... forget it!

I've been thinking I really should get on with writing my songs while there's still a music business left to appreciate them. You can hardly find rare albums any more unless you go to a big shop in central London. There's a small independent shop in Chiswick though. I'm amazed it stays in business. As we all know, illegal downloads are the problem. I reckon music publishing will be okay as long as nothing happens to the radio or TV. Anyway - or whatever - I know for a fact you can make more money from songwriting than blogging. And songwriting is actually easier than blogging - if you're talented like me, that is. Having said that, I still haven't managed to write the lyrics for my second song. It's a lack of will rather than a lack of creativity. I think I fear writing a mediocre lyric to a brilliant piece of music. But I should just get on with it. What have I got to lose?


Reader, I know this isn't a music blog, but what do you want from me, eh? What do you expect? Charles Kirwan-Taylor has ... forget it! Just fucking forget it!

I'm going for lunch.