Monday, 9 January 2012

There's a man, Chandler Blockage. Who in the name of Christ is he?

Sometimes, I think they take it too far. They want me to believe that "Chandler Blockage" works at SAC Capital Advisors. They want me to believe he's a trader, and Steve Cohen's protege - of all things. Ha! They must think I'm really stupid.

There's no "Chandler Blockage". It's not possible because anything ... What sort of world would it be if a man like "Chandler Blockage" existed? It would be a terrible world! Because anything would be possible in such a world. Especially at night, which has always been the most dangerous time. Asleep, dreams would become nightmares, and these nightmares would creep into everyday reality until - awake - all kinds of horrors would exist. It only takes one horror to lead to a ton of horrors. Not that I've ever tried weighing the darkness of the night. No! 'Informal. A large number or amount.' Well, a lot of horrors, then. A great deal of horror, I suppose.

Charles Simonian will find out a thing or two, pretty soon, about himself, and what he can cope with. Oh God. Simonian will have to work with this monster, this "Chandler Blockage". Even though ... Industrials trading on the Cohen Account? Oh God! Rather him than me. Honestly, I'm so glad I'm not a trader. I don't care how much money they make. Seriously, I really don't. And I'm so glad I'm not employed by SAC Capital Advisors. I mean, what a depressing ... I mean, what does Stevie actually do? He sits in his chair all day long, staring at the ceiling (occasionally glancing at his soft wrists). Like Prince Hamlet. What a depressing environment! Who would want to work there?

In fairness to SAC Capital Advisors though, who would want to work anywhere?