Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Noam Gottesman is no longer co-chief executive of GLG!

It's a smart move. I think dealing with all those cold earth wanderers at Man Group has worn him out. They don't have a mystical bone in their body(s?), while my dear friend Noam has loads. He's well out of it! He's moved to a non-executive role, whatever that means. [It means he's now chairman of the company's interest in the US - my intern.] I don't have an intern! Apologies for that. Which company, Man or GLG, or both? It's very confusing. I wish Man hadn't bought GLG. I can't understand all these mergers and takeovers that go on. I don't have much of a business brain. It's a good job I work on the shamanic side of things, eh? Jesus! Imagine me running Man/GLG! Run it into the ground? Well, no, actually. My greatness as the greatest financial shaman of all times would mean AUM would go through the roof. AUM? Yes, AUM. I've picked up a couple of things, you know.


There's a brilliant film on TV tonight. (I've got the DVD.) Trees Lounge. 11.55pm, BBC One. Written and directed by Steve Buscemi. He plays the lead as well. I don't want to give too much away, but the final scene - for my money - is the most depressing scene in film history. The Tommy (Buscemi) character realizes his fate, that's why. He doesn't say anything, but you can tell by the expression on his face that he realizes. Maybe people like Tommy don't have a chance in life. Having said that, Duncan Bannatyne was an ice-cream man like Tommy, so ... life might be what you make it, maybe. Though it's easier to make something of a life that has already been partially made for you by your parents - if you know what I mean. Some people are given a winning lottery ticket at birth. Some people are so privileged that it takes a miracle for them to fuck up. It's why I hate to hear shitty, half-witted Conservatives like Iain Duncan Smith going on about the poor all the time, as if a man like that could understand anything about poverty. And it's why I hate champagne socialists. They think everything is all right just because they "care". Lying scum. If they cared, they would fucking do something, like Jesus. They would at least give up the champagne, for the sake of appearances if nothing else. It's why I hate everyone, basically. The human race is - I've said it before - disgusting. Yes, even the poor are disgusting, if you get up real close. There is no hope. Do you understand me? There is no hope. There never was.

Update: I forgot the final scene in Gallipoli.