Monday, 23 January 2012

Iain Stewart is very keen on gold, says it's a sensible hedge

And I have to agree with him. Iain Stewart is the manager of Newton Investment Management's Newton Real Return fund, by the way. I only wish I had enough money to buy gold. I'm investing in the next best thing: baked beans. I have fifty tins now. I reckon that when Western civilization collapses I'll be able to trade these beans in for fifty houses. Not that I'll need fifty houses. I'll only need my cave. On second thoughts, maybe I should save the beans for myself, and my loved ones. Well, my loved one. I'm not sure she's a big fan of baked beans. She's probably into fancy New York restaurants. However, if you're starving, you eat what you can get. Baked beans in a cave? It's what every girl dreams of.


Oh, grey day. I hate the grey days. Give me the sunny days! I'm too depressed to write about finance. I really am feeling miserable. I wish Iain Stewart the best of luck with his fund, but ... there's got to be more to life, hasn't there? I wonder if Iain feels the same. I can imagine him in the office at Newton. 'Sod this for a game of soldiers! I'm going out to get drunk.'

I might go and play Catacombs. It's an old ZX81 game that I found online yesterday. I used to play it for hours on end when I was twelve years old. The game is off the fucking hook, I tell you.


Update (Tuesday, 7.30am)

It has just occurred to me that language tells lies even when the people using it think they're being truthful.