Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I have some advice for Peter Hicks

Peter Hicks is the sort of person who gets excited working at places like Fidelity or Framlington Unit Management. Well, he used to be that sort. But now he has his own firm, Peter Hicks Financial Advisers, or PHFA Ltd - if you like.

Peter was the Head of UK equity product management at Fidelity International (if you can believe that, I'm not sure I should but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt). And now? I suppose he fancies himself as a bit of an adviser, all independent and that. Well, I have some advice for him: GIVE IT UP, PETE! Get out of finance while you still can, while you're still reasonably young. You're wasting your life, mate. 'Oh, he's not that young. He's got to be over fifty, I'd say.' Shut up, you fool! He's young enough to do something else. It's not too late. 'Mikey, it's too late, man.' IT'S NOT TOO LATE!!!

It's not too late. It's never too late. Think of Colonel Sanders. Think of the Krishna guy. / 'The Colonel had been frying chicken for years. The Krishna guy had been doing it since he was a kid. Think again, Mikey.' / This "new" voice is starting to piss me off. Will I ever be free of the voices?


Do you know what I've been thinking about, dear reader(s)? I've been thinking about that black guy in Heat. You know, the one who packed his crappy job in to drive for De Niro and his gang. Did he do the right thing? I mean, he ended up dead. BUT: he died doing what he was good at. And you could tell that the De Niro character respected him and his abilities. His boss in that diner/cafe treated him like he was a piece of shit. At least he had a bit of pride at the end, eh? / Some people (fascists with good jobs, mostly) like to claim that there is dignity in all work, but there isn't. There really isn't.

Which brings me to Charles Manson. He committed terrible crimes - but what else was he going to do, work in a supermarket his whole life? Do you see what I'm getting at? Not everyone has "nice" choices. / What do you do if you're stuck in a low position but you're not a naturally submissive person?

Of course, none of this applies to Mr Hicks. He's doing great. And I take my hat off to the man. Maybe he should stick with finance. He seems to like it.