Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Krittibas Ray gets five years in prison for running a hedge fund!

Well, there's more to it than that, the story. It was some sort of Ponzi scheme hedge fund nonsense thing where Krittibas was promising investors a return of 7 per cent (at least) but was actually spending all their money on himself or his loved ones, I suppose, I don't know. I don't really understand these people. What motivates them?

'Money!' Well, obviously. It's all about the money, ain't it? They don't care how they get it, they just want the money. These investors, someone promises them 7 per cent, and they think: great! But that's all they're interested in. And I don't blame them because finance is so fucking boring. If I were an investor, I wouldn't want to know more than 7 per cent. If some swindler said '7 per cent!' to me, I'd be satisfied with that. It's human nature. We'll never change. Everyone in the world is corrupt and stupid and dirty and sick. That's why we need the Lord to come and save us. If He's interested, of course. He has probably got better things to do. If I were this great big cosmic being - and I'm getting close - I wouldn't waste my time on a bunch of disgusting clowns on planet earth. I doubt that I would even want to enter the solar system if I knew we were hanging about the place.


Is it lunchtime yet? I'm starving.

I'll probably do a conceptual later, No. 25. And I think I'll be sticking with the arrangement of phrases I used in the last one (and a couple of the others). It's called controlled chaos; also: controlled despair, controlled insanity. And I've really got a taste for it now. I can easily see myself doing two or three hundred of these.

I've had to scrap another lyric. Please understand: I'm trying to write my songs to the highest standard, like Beatles or Bacharach. There's no point in approaching publishers with a demo that is anything less than outstanding. Well, that's my view. / I have one complete song that's good enough. And I have one piece of music (without a lyric) that is good enough. But I don't have all the time in the world.