Monday, 11 June 2012

Why is Louis Villa so restless?

Louis Villa is a portfolio hedge fund manager sort of person with a serious problem. He couldn't stay at Talaris Capital for more than five minutes. And he couldn't stay at Edoma Partners for more than five minutes. Now he's gone over to SAC Capital Advisors. Dear oh dear. How long will that last? / Does poor Louis have a yearning for something unattainable?

I know how he feels. Well, I used to, but I've started to think that it may be attainable after all. / We all need to focus on what we truly want out of life. It's no good having a vague idea. Louis has a vague idea. 'I wouldn't mind being a portfolio manager here. No! I wouldn't mind being a portfolio manager over there.' Terrible. The truth is, poor Louis doesn't want to be a portfolio manager at all. (The vague idea doesn't even belong to him!) It was his parents who forced him into finance. (It's their very distinct idea.) Poor Louis wanted to be a ballerina. This man gave up his dream to keep his family happy!

I suppose I admire him, I don't know. It can't be easy. I think he needs to make some changes though. And I don't mean moving to yet another firm.


A lot of rain today, and I should know. It gets real close to me. I can't avoid it.


The Spanish prime minister was on my blog recently. (Or someone in his office.) I hope he found what he was looking for.


I went to the Tate Gallery last week. I didn't see the Hirst show, but I'll go back before it's over. (The person I was with didn't want to see it.) / There's so much shit in the gallery. Damien Hirst is the only living artist I'm interested in. Just like I'm the only living writer I'm interested in. Artistic standards barely exist these days. It's a dark age. No doubt about it.

I've been thinking about my conceptual stuff. It is definitely my most important and serious writing (see note below). I want to get to the stage where I have two or three hundred of them. (And I don't care what anyone thinks. Who's the expert here? Dear reader, I don't tell you which funds are the best, do I? I just write nonsense[?!] about them.) No. 20 is the one I'm proudest of, so far. No one can touch me when I'm like that. There is no competition.

Note: Yes, I put a hundred hours work into my immortal words post, and I am proud of it, but it's (too) connected to the literature of the past. And it could easily be mistaken for a prose poem.