Thursday, 21 June 2012

Jamil Baz is out of his mind

Jamil Baz must be out of his fucking mind if he thinks I'm going to be writing about this goddamn financial crisis for the next TWENTY YEARS! / When are we going to see the good times again? / Mr Baz is chief investment strategist at that Man Group/GLG Partners nonsense which was never going to work. You can't mix shamans with squares. Well, not on that scale. And Baz is a GLG guy but he ain't no financial shaman. I've never heard of him, so he can't be. What the hell is going on? Another twenty years of this? Are you fucking kidding me? I don't know if anyone has told Baz but I intend to get rich, very rich - or I'll die trying, anyway. And he thinks I'm going to tolerate DEBT and DISASTER for another twenty years?! Is he crazy? The guy has got to be crazy. We've only just begun? What, is he in The Carpenters? I've never heard so much crap. The good times are coming back. They've got to come back, otherwise everything will be all fucked up for me personally. Unless I run off to one of those emerging markets everyone is talking about. No! I ain't living in China, fuck that! The communists always tell you what to do, what to think, what to feel, like that dizzy bird. I ain't eating octopus three times a day with Russian shoes with my fucking feet coming through, fuck that! I want my human rights.


Let's forget about him. Baz who? I don't know. He's obviously got a scam going, a short or something. But let's forget about him. Let's be positive!

Did you like my conceptual yesterday, No. 25? Talk about positive attitude! If Baz did a little more dancing, a little more loving, and a lot less worrying about shit he can't control, he'd find things ain't so bad. As long as you've got your health ...

This Baz has really annoyed me. But I'm going to forget all about him. I'm going to have a nice lunch. I'm going to read the Sun, and I'm going to relax and clear my mind. After lunch, I'll start on No. 26. And it's going to be fun.