Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Walkers Crisps Asset Management?

I've just read that Walkers Crisps Asset Management has sold its shares in Liontrust Asset Management, and raised £1.7 million in the process. 'Don't be so bloody stupid, Mikey! Walker Crips Group has sold its asset management unit which Liontrust owned or something.' Eh, Voice? You're making less sense than I am! I've never even heard of Walker Crips. I've heard of Walkers Crisps though. I'm having the prawn cocktail ones later, with my cheese rolls. 'Are you having a peach yoghurt as well?' Yeah. And a can of Coke. 'Nice.'

Walker Crips Group: 'As an integrated financial services group our aims are simple, to provide clients with a full range of investment services which translate into steadily rising earnings and dividends for shareholders. This is accomplished through mystical perception, effective communication, advanced shamanism, and understanding our clients' objectives.' / Oh. These guys actually sound all right, don't they?


Lovely sunny day. I might go for a walk in the park after lunch. It'll take my mind off the misery of the world. When the birds are singing in the trees you don't worry about fascists and sadists. Well, not in my experience, anyway.

I could go over to Chiswick, but the CD/DVD shop has closed down. There's nowhere in West London now for that sort of thing - unless you're only looking for the top ten in the supermarket. Shame. This is the modern world. That's why when it comes to songwriting, I'm only interested in potential (big) hits. There's really no future in writing anything else. If I can get One Direction to record a couple of my songs, I'll be laughing.