Wednesday, 27 February 2013

David Tepper made $2.2 billion last year!

And Carl Icahn made $1.9 billion! And Stevie Cohen made $1.3 billion! 'And Peter Brown made $90 million, Mikey!' Eh, Voice? What? Who?! Peter Brown? Forget about him, man. $90 million, ha! / And I think we can forget about Henry Kravis and George Roberts too. Why did I even waste my time writing about them yesterday? 'God knows!'

I'll tell you what though, reader(s). I'm not going to write about Tepper, Icahn, Cohen, and all the others today. 'Why not, man?' I'm waiting for tomorrow. 'Oh yeah, that's clever, Mikey. That's clever, that is. Because someone will make $10 billion tomorrow, or maybe even $20 billion.' Of course they will, Voice! That's the beauty of capitalism. There's always someone with more money. Yes ... er, tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, we'll find someone who makes Tepper look like a total bum. 'A complete loser!' I can't wait!


As for today, I ain't got much else to write about. I'll be working on a conceptual after lunch, No. 99.