Thursday, 14 February 2013

"Who is Anthony Maniscalco?"

Oh, I'm glad you(?) asked me that, dear reader(s). Anthony Maniscalco is this guy who's working for Blackrock now. He used to work for Barclays. (By the way, yesterday's conceptual and No. 63. You're probably wondering. That old conceptual was all in my imagination. It wasn't real spinning a-ROUND. So ... I'm glad we've cleared that up. And I've made a revision to the note.) "We have been very impressed by his intelligence, integrity, creativity, and work ethic." Eh? That's someone at Blackrock, talking about Tony, in my head. 'Not me!' What will he be doing? (I'm a bit confused this morning. I've been listening to Don Gibson singing the classic Sea Of Heartbreak. Lyrics by the late great Hal David, I'll have you know.) Tony, yes, Tony, Anthony, will be investing in hedge fund managers. Not with his own money, obviously. With Blackrock's money, probably, I don't know. A dozen hedge funds are in danger of being invested in up to 20 per cent or something. And then they'll sell, later. 'Who will, Mikey?' Er, Voice. It's all imagination, ain't it? None of it is ... 'I'm not sure, man.' And it changes from day to day. The reality is what I want it to be. 'Maybe.' It's not fixed, frozen, like I said. 'Well, each individual one is.' You reckon? 'Let's focus on Mr Maniscalco, eh?' No, no ... no. I'm bored with Mr Maniscalco. 'Already?!' Yeah. It's ...


After lunch, I'm going to sort my head out, and then get into another conceptual. Frankly, this post has been a disaster.