Thursday, 21 February 2013

Reef Road Capital

That's what he's calling it. 'Who is, Mikey?' Eric Rosen, Voice. Remember him? 'The name rings a bell.' We wrote about him last summer. 'Did we?' Well, I did. You were just talking shit as per usual. 'Right. Oh, I remember. He was one of those guys who had a hedge fund but no name for it.' Yeah. Now he has a name: Reef Road Capital. 'It's taken him six months to come up with that?!' Voice, these guys aren't very creative. It's not a bad name.

It's not a bad name at all. It's quite cool, in fact. Eric has got his hands on $300 million as well. I'm impressed. / It goes without saying that I wish him all the best. 'All the best, Eric!' Voice, pack it in, mate.


I've just been listening to a rough recording of My Heart. (You know, the one I made at Christmas.) It's pretty frustrating. A decent version of the song is all I need now. I haven't even tried to record it lately, but I've been playing it on my guitar. / I've got to get it right. Any great song can be fucked up. Imagine The Wurzels recording Hey Jude or ... Imagine.