Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Manny Roman is giving all the top jobs at Man Group to his mates

And I can't blame him. Those Man Group squares are a bunch of squares. Manny knows what he's doing. Things will be much better with some GLG shamans in the top positions. Guys like Luke Ellis, Sandy Rattray, Zarathustra Smith, Mark Jones, and Simon White. It's going to be great. Let the good times roll!

Actually, Manny wanted to bring me in as a consultant on crazy wages, but I said: "NO!" Why? Well, music, man. This time next year I'll be playing The Hollywood Bowl, a genuine rock and roll shaman. Let the good times roll! And rock. / I'm going to miss Manny Roman, and Lloyd Blankfein, and Bobby Diamond, and Mike Corcell, and all the others. They're like my children, you know? BUT NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. / Obviously, this blog will stay up on the net with the occasional conceptual post. In time, it will become legendary while the rotten slags and envious fuckwits who presently ignore it will fade into obscurity. I KNOW THIS. How? Hey, God is on my side. I've spoken to Him in my head. No one fucks with God. And no one fucks with me. I'm connected, you dig?

I guess I have too much spirit. That's what offends the grey ones. It can be a curse though. I mean, just ask Mike Corcell at RWC. The bastards keep him in a cage!!! Yeah, he's an animal, but so what? The man's alive. He has real blood in his veins. Oh, he has too much spirit! That's why he had to do away with those analysts. They were getting him down. (I think Mike was an analyst himself, once upon a time. Anyone can change ...) / It's the financial world. It's the way things are, not THE WAY I've been trying to ... What more can I do, eh?