Monday, 25 February 2013

Keith Richards has been appointed as chief executive of the Personal Finance Society

Isn't life strange? 'Yes, it is, Mikey.' Just as I decide to get out of financial shamanism and into the rock and roll game, Keith Richards (of all people!) goes the other way. Yes, Keith has left The Rolling Stones Group to become the chief executive of the Personal Finance Society. (Wow, eh, Voice? 'Yeah, man!') I've never even heard of the PFS, but see if you can dig this: "Our mission is to lead the financial planning community towards higher levels of professionalism, exhibited through ethical and behavioural standards, skill and technical knowledge to the ultimate benefit of the profession and the consumer alike." That's from the website. Oh, Richards is definitely the right man for the job!

And there's more. Keith Richards, speaking to me late last night, said: "I am excited to be taking up this role as in the current financial climate consumers need advice they can trust more than ever before. I believe we are building a profession that can thrive and secure the confidence of the public and I am looking forward to helping shape the future of financial planning. Also, Jagger has really been getting on my tits lately, man. I'm out of the band for good."


I'm in the mood for music. I'm going to play my guitar after lunch. And I think I'll be listening to Bob Marley this week.

Other shit? Well, I've been reading on the internet about all the changes the Tories are making to benefits. Bedroom tax, council tax, universal credit, etc, etc. It's as if they never want to be in power again. Absolutely bizarre! I mean, there are more poor voters than rich voters. / The Tories aren't even pretending to help people now - or fix the country. They're just looking after themselves and their mates. So much for the Big Society! And it seems they're actively trying to destroy the poor. / Never mind. Fuck 'em, eh? It's their funeral. Or it will be in 2015.