Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Neil Woodford and Banksy, Buffett and Heinz, various other stuff ...

Banks. Ha! My mistake. Oh God. What's the time? I can't really, er, concentrate on one thing now, well, it's just the night and that. Yeah. / I was going to buy Heinz myself, but then I decided I should get Daddies instead to go with my chips. It tastes okay, and it's quite a bit cheaper. I've got to be careful with my money, you see. Obviously, Warren Buffett isn't short of a few bob, so he can put the best on his chips or fries or whatever. / Neil Woodford is avoiding banks. Yes, banks. This Invesco Perpetual guy won't go near one. Very wise. He prefers tobacco. I mean, smoking his pipe. And he wears slippers, at home. And he's very keen on drugs. I mean, pharmaceuticals. Christ, he ain't Bez! I don't want to give you the wrong idea, dear reader. 
'You're twisting my melon, man.' Fuck off, Voice! I am NOT in the mood. / I'm listening to Revolver. Is it the greatest album ever, like some say? I don't know. Music goes on, and on, and on. How about The Stones Roses or OK Computer?

I've read Bez's autobiography, Freaky Dancin'. It's a brilliant book. And I'm pretty sure that Neil Woodford won't be able to top it.

I've got to play more guitar, and more, and more, and more! My Heart is a big song. I've got to play it properly, you know? / I'm just so worn out all the time.

I can't believe the crazy doctors, man. They want to tax fizzy drinks! They're not interested in fixing the NHS death camps. Oh no. They're going after Coke and Pepsi. I'm glad they've got their priorities right. What have they been smoking?

The horse meat scandal? I've been a vegetarian for the last twenty-four years, so I couldn't care less.

Some second-rate novelist (aren't they all since Joyce and Kafka died?) has just attacked the Duchess of Cambridge for having no personality. Never mind. / And what the fuck has Anne Boleyn got to do with anything? Oh, her books. It's a promotional thing then.

Warren Buffett is so smart. A total genius. / I bet he's buying loads of gold bars as well. Baked beans and gold bars. You can't go wrong at the end of the world. / When everything turns to shit, there'll be me, Warren, Neil, and Bez, all sharing a cave somewhere. It'll be a right fucking laugh. Yeah, bring it on!