Thursday, 28 February 2013

New Stream guys charged with fraud: David Bryson, Bart Gutekunst, Richard Pereira, and Tara Bryson

What's all this? Oh, don't worry about it. There's this hedge fund in America, see. New Stream Capital, right? Well, the SEC reckons some fraud, some lying, has been going on: "The SEC alleges that the firm's co-owners David Bryson and Bart Gutekunst secretly revised the fund's capital structure before it collapsed in order to placate its largest investor, Gottex Fund Management. Bryson and Gutekunst then directed New Stream's marketing department to continue marketing the hedge fund as though all investors were on the same footing when in fact Gottex had priority over other fund investors in the event of the fund's liquidation." More, than is healthy.

The fund has collapsed now anyway. 'That's punishment enough, isn't it?' Maybe, maybe not. Let God deal with forgiveness. The SEC's job is to arrange the meeting, surely? But what do I know? 'What are you going on about, Mikey?' Forget it, Voice. Just forget it, man. I don't care what happens. I've got problems of my own.


My guitar playing still isn't good enough. I've got to find a way of doing at least three hours a day. And I want to write a lot more songs. I was hoping to be ready by now.

Other people have it worse. / I've been reading that disabled people have been starving to death because of the government stopping their benefits. Or they're found fit for work, and then are worked to death. This is modern Britain, not Nazi Germany.